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Save money every month with the Lively Mobile Plus and take advantage of unique services that you won’t find anywhere else!


Plans are available as low as $24.99 per month.

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The Lively Mobile Plus saves you money!


When compared to other medical alert services, the Lively Mobile Plus can save you over $200 per year in service fees. First, with Health & Safety Packages starting as low as $24.99 per month. In addition, Lively Mobile Plus works on the nation’s largest dependable cellular network so there’s no landline required either. So, if you were keeping a landline specifically for your medical alert service, that’s even more money that you’ll be saving with the Lively Mobile Plus.



It’s a medical alert service and so much more.


The concept of a medical alert is simple... in the event of a medical emergency, you press the button and an agent sends the appropriate aid for your situation. The Lively Mobile Plus is different, though. Sure, 5Star Agents are trained to aid in medical emergencies but they can also help when you’re just feeling unsafe or uncertain. 5Star Agents can provide directions if you’re lost, provide reassurance and stay on the line with you if you’re in an uncertain situation, contact family members on your behalf and so much more.


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