Lively Medical Alert Mobile2 Emergency Alert System

When you want peace of mind but don’t want to be shackled to a base station unit or an expensive monthly bill… the most affordable medical alert service on the market is the solution with the Lively Mobile2.

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It’s a medical alert and so much more.

Most medical alerts (also known as personal emergency response systems or PERS) today have to be installed and require you to be within range of your home base station unit to offer the peace of mind that they advertise. Now there’s a better choice. With the Lively Mobile2, there is no installation and you are not tied down to one location because the Lively Mobile2 uses the nation’s largest cellular network, so you’re completely mobile. With all the features that you’d expect in a medical alert and no contracts, it’s no wonder so many people are switching to the Lively to maintain their peace of mind.

The Lively Mobile2 is small and easy to carry, so you can bring it with you everywhere.

Wherever you go these days you see people using smartphones, so it’s a wonder why most medical alerts still use home phone-based technology, which doesn’t protect you when you’re on the go. The Lively Mobile2 is different. Brought to you from the makers of Jitterbug cell phones, it uses a cellular network to stay connected, so as long as you’re in a covered service area, the device is there to protect you. Take it shopping, take it on vacation, take it wherever it is that you want to go, all with the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 Urgent Response Service.

The independence you want and the safety you need, wherever you may go!

Why pay more every month for your medical alert service when you can have the best medical alert on the market for less? With affordable plans on the Lively Mobile2 as low as just $24.99† per month! Plus, there’s no contract so you can cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied. With great features like 24/7 live-agent support and automatic fall detection*, you won’t be missing out on the premium features you expect.

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We’re here for you whenever you need us.

All Lively Mobile2 plans include 24/7, push-button access to highly trained and IAED-certified Urgent Response Medical Alert Agents who can help you in case of an emergency. In fact, if your device detects that you may have fallen, they will contact you to ensure your safety. Each Urgent Response Agent is able to confirm where you are, assess your situation and will get you the assistance that you need. But since peace of mind doesn’t just include medical emergencies, we’ve included much more. If you find yourself feeling lost in an unfamiliar location or perhaps feel like you are in a dangerous situation, we’re here for that too. It’s all about that sense of security that puts your mind at ease.

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