Lively Mobile2 Medical Alert Plan with Urgent Response

Lively Mobile2 Plans

Save money every month with the Lively Mobile2 and take advantage of unique services that you won’t find anywhere else!

Plans are available as low as $24.99† per month.

Save on Lively Mobile2!

Lively Mobile2 Network

The Lively Mobile2 saves you money!

With plans starting as low as $24.99† per month. In addition, Lively Mobile2 works on the nation’s most reliable wireless network so there’s no landline required either. So, if you were keeping a landline specifically for your medical alert service, that’s even more money that you’ll be saving with the Lively Mobile2.

It’s a medical alert service and so much more.

The concept of a medical alert is simple… in the event of a medical emergency, you press the button and an agent sends the appropriate aid for your situation. The Lively Mobile2 is different, though. Sure, Urgent Response Agents are trained to aid in medical emergencies but they can also help when you’re just feeling unsafe or uncertain. Urgent Response Agents can provide directions if you’re lost, provide reassurance and stay on the line with you if you’re in an uncertain situation, contact family members on your behalf and so much more.

Available Lively service benefits:

Urgent Response – IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch) Certified Urgent Response Agents are available to you at the touch of a button… anytime, anywhere. Highly-trained in emergency procedures including CPR, they’re always ready to help. Whether you’re experiencing medical issues or just need someone to comfort you as you walk through a dark parking lot, Urgent Response Agents are here!

Nurse On-Call – The Lively Mobile2 gives you 24/7 live access to nurses or doctors. It’s an incredibly easy solution to get quality medical advice or even a prescription to common medications whenever you need it. No appointment or insurance necessary!

Lively Link – Utilizing a simple, free app on their smartphones, Authorized caregivers and family members will be notified in the case the Lively Mobile2 user contacts Urgent Response and can see their location. They can get alerts when an emergency call is made, see a list of daily activities, and more.

Fall Detection – Your Lively Mobile2 can automatically contact an Urgent Response Agent in the event of a fall. Advanced technology automatically detects a fall when it is used in conjunction with the specially designed Lanyard Accessory Set provided.

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