Lively Mobile2 Personal Emergency Response System FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions for the Lively Mobile2 personal emergency response system. If you are considering the purchase of a Lively Mobile2 and have questions that are not listed here, please call us at 888-218-6587.

The Lively Mobile2 is much more than a traditional medical alert. First, while most medical alerts require base station unit that is physically installed in your home and that you must stay within range of, the Lively is completely mobile and works on the nation’s largest cellular network. There’s no installation required either… just activate it and go! Also, Urgent Response Agents are highly-trained to help handle numerous types of situations, not just medical emergencies. They can help with everything from giving directions to dire emergencies and nearly everything in between. Finally, and some would say best of all, Lively Mobile2 can save you money versus a traditional medical alert. With Health & Safety Packages as low as just $24.99† per month, you could save over $200 per year in service fees!

With a simple press of the Call Button, you’re connected, via the nation’s largest cellular network, to a highly-trained Urgent Response Agent. That agent can aid in many situations such as contacting emergency services or family members, providing directions when you’re lost, or staying on the phone with you while you’re in an uncertain situation.

  • Lively Mobile2 – Your simple, affordable personal emergency response system
  • User Guide – Everything you need to know about your Lively Mobile2
  • Charging Dock – Simple solution for keeping your Lively Mobile2 charged and ready
  • Accessory Clip – Easily attach your Lively Mobile2 to your keys, belt and more
  • Magnetic Lanyard – Used to safely wear your Lively Mobile2 around your neck

You can either press the Power Button on the back of the unit briefly or place the unit in the Charging Dock. In either scenario, after a few moments, you will hear a tone and a voice announcement stating “Welcome to Urgent Response”. To turn your Lively Mobile2 off, hold the Power Button on the back of the unit until you hear a tone and a voice announcement which states “Powering off”.

Here are just a few examples of situations where you would use your Lively Mobile2:

Potential emergency situations:

    • You slipped and fell on the stairs.
    • You have strange symptoms and are unsure what to do.
    • You’re having trouble breathing.

General aid or cautious situations:

      • You think that there may be an intruder in your house.
      • You’re lost while driving.
      • You’ve locked yourself out of the house.

Definitely not! In fact, it’s incredibly simple. To place a call to a Urgent Response Agent, just briefly press and release the Call Button. A voice prompt will announce “Calling Urgent Response” and you will soon be greeted by a friendly Urgent Response Agent. When your call is complete, press and release the Call Button again to end the call. You will hear a tone and voice prompt of “Call ended”.

Yes! In addition to 24/7 access to Urgent Response, you can also contact 9-1-1 with your Lively Mobile2. To do this, press and hold the Call Button until you hear a tone and an announcement which states “Calling 9-1-1 now”. To end the call upon completion, press and release the Call Button again. You will then hear a tone and voice prompt of “Call ended”.

During typical use, the Battery Indicator will remain off to conserve power. When your Lively Mobile2 needs to be charged, the Battery Indicator will flash red and you will hear a tone to remind you to charge it. This reminder tone will become more frequent as the battery level decreases.

It is recommended that you charge your Lively Mobile2 each night when you go to bed so it is ready whenever you need it.

Plug the provided Charging Dock into a power receptacle. Align the Lively Mobile2 as shown on the Position Guide on the Charging Dock and gently lower it. When the Charging Contacts make contact with the Charging Dock and charging begins, you will hear a tone indicating this. During the charging process, the Battery Indicator will flash green. When charging is complete, the Battery Indicator will remain solid green.

The Lively Mobile2 is powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network. Below is a map showing the coverage area.

Lively Nationwide Coverage

We offer the Lively Mobile2 personal emergency response system exclusively through orders via telephone and this secure website. We do offer a 30-day trial period and money-back guarantee on the Lively Mobile2 if you are not completely satisfied.**

Yes, the Lively Mobile2 comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To return your Lively Mobile2 for any reason, simply contact Customer Service to receive a Return Authorization. The Customer Service Representative will give you further instructions regarding how to return your Lively Mobile2.

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